AudioCrawl - Showcasing the best in web audio. Web Audio API, interactive, HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL and canvas

What Is AudioCrawl?

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Where it all began...

AudioCrawl was built by Adam Chambers and the team at Digital Surgeons. A musician and creative technologist, Adam is passionate about creative use of audio on the web. Interactive, audio-visual experiences, compositions and visualisations created with technologies like HTML5, the WebAudio API, WebGL, WebRTC and more. AudioCrawl showcases the best in web audio, a feed of amazing examples of creative audio on the web, aggregated and voted on by the AudioCrawl team and members of the AudioCrawl community.

Getting started...

Check out the AudioCrawl feed on the home page, this shows the most recent and highest voted examples of audio on the web. You can also check out the latest feed for the most recent submissions regardless of votes.

To become a member of the AudioCrawl community, vote on submissions, build a favorites list and much more in the future, sign up with your Twitter account and create a profile. Once signed up you can vote on submissions and see a list of your favorites in your profile like @chambaz.

To keep up with the latest and greatest in web audio you can sign up for our monthly newsletter. Once a month we'll send out a selection of the most loved submissions from the AudioCrawl community.

If you know of amazing uses of audio on the web and want to share with the AudioCrawl community then you can use our submission form to tell us about it. You can also shoot us a tweet @audiocrawl. We endevour to showcase the latest and greatest in Web Audio, but it's a tough job alone! We want AudioCrawl to become the community driven central repository for creative uses of audio on the web. To discover, celebrate and inspire.

The future of AudioCrawl...

We have big plans for the future of AudioCrawl. Our goal is to build a community hub for musicians, audio engineers, creative technolgists and those passionate about music, audio and technology. Community features like commenting and chat are on the roadmap, as well as the ability to follow AudioCrawl users and keep up with their submissions and favorites. We are also working on an AudioCrawl blog in which we'll discuss creativity and technology, interview key community members and invite guest authors to share their thoughts with the community.

If you have thoughts and ideas about AudioCrawl, the future of the project, or just fancy a chat, follow us @audiocrawl, we love to talk.

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